Everyone has, at some point, found an amazing brand with amazing items through social media. Most of these are independent brands, with low visibility and reach but with amazing high quality products. Many of them promote social and environmental awareness and causes, stimulating local business. For people looking for a cool, purposeful brands, BAIZIK is the ideal place to meet, discover and buy from them.

With brands for all publics, including children, this platform, which aims to connect unique people to unique brands, arrives in Portugal, to build awareness for independent brands as well as building a safe space for people to nurture their self esteem and self love, in great harmony with the preservation of the environment and local economies.

BAIZIK was launched in Portugal on 07th of August and already has 40 brands, including Wheat and Rose, Futah, Mustique, Imago, Joplins, and more. BAIZIK is looking to grow into a global business, becoming the first true "borderless slowfashion" platform on the market.

On this platform, which is now living in Portugal, all the buying process happens between BAIZIK and the end customer. The shipping of the products is always free and you can return anything up to 14 days. Have fun and browse through BAIZIK. Your first true experience in the world of slowfashion!



Time Out - 15 de agosto de 2020