Baizik was born in 2020 with the goal of connecting unique people with unique brands through an online marketplace.
The reason why we decided to build this platform was simple: we believe humans are at their best when they are free to be themselves, when they are authentic. Authenticity can be expressed in many ways, but one of the main one is what we wear every single day. Fashion is an instrument of self-expression, and Baizik is where you can find your voice. So... What’s our mission?
Support small, independent businesses who are all about building the best and most unique products for their customers.
We live in the world of fast consumption, of big factories and massive corporate conglomerates who end up taking light away from small players. Sadly, when you get big, often times you lose yourself and your identity as you run out of time to focus on what really matters. That is where smaller brands never get it wrong. They have a very strong sense of purpose. They are creative, original, and more often than not, they support local communities, sustainable practices and high-quality products. This is the pumping heart of [Baizik]! We want to be ambassadors of sustainable fashion, uniqueness and higher purposes.
Build an ecosystem for people to nurture their confidence and self-love.
We live in a world where too many of us are victims of prejudice, homophobia, racism and all kinds of discrimination. None of it is welcome here. We want everyone to feel amazing in their own skin. We want people to be their most authentic selves and have the confidence to never be afraid of who they are. [Baizik] was born to be a comfort zone of self-expression and authenticity. Let us be the fuel for empowered creativity for every single human being.
Be the first borderless discovery platform in fashion out there.
We want people to find and explore what is trendy and cool in New Dehli while sitting on their laptop in Canada. We want the French irreverence to be worn by someone in China. We believe the world is better when it shares its values and its talent all across. We believe in a borderless world in a time where it seems we are heading the opposite way. Our commitment is to give people tools to realize how much beauty, talent and creativity there is in the world and try to allow everyone to feel and have a taste of it.
Don’t be fooled. We are in the business of making money, hiring great people and grow our business. It’s just that no one here wants to do it at the sake of our planet’s resources or in a way that questions people’s right to be free and confident. We have an underlying culture of diversity and acceptance that would never be compromised. Because we would all get very bored very fast if it did.
[Baizik] is not trying to change the world. We are simply trying to help people to be the best versions of themselves.