Unique Brands for Unique people

We see an increasing number of brands that have different missions and stories than usual. Brands that, despite their size, are able to communicate with us in a special way through unusual pieces. These pieces that when we wear, make us feel unique.

Baizik was created with the purpose of connecting unique people with unique brands. We believe in independence, in being different, and in the strength of the smaller. But above all, we believe in you. We want each one of you to feel good about yourself, and one of the best tools to achieve this is through the clothes you wear. Our mission is to provide access to small businesses that are challenging traditional fashion consumption through creative and innovative concepts.

Baizik Brands

Baizik is not a platform for any brand. Our partners are evaluated and curated by Baizik's team before being accepted on the platform. Several parameters are taken into account, such as: type of communication, sustainability policies, age, size, among others.

We believe that all Baizik brands are unique in their own way and we want them to have a space to communicate who they are to the world.


A world in which we always prioritize products that do not contribute negatively to our planet. A world where you can explore, follow trends and buy from small brands from around the world, regardless of your geographic location. A world dominated by slow-fashion, where less is more.

This is Baizik's vision: A sustainable world, without borders, run by independent businesses.